Fixed Assets Mass Update Tool

Fixed Assets Mass Update Tool Request Process & Request Templete:

  1. School submits the request file to for review and approval.
    Mass Update Tool - Request Templates v1_121418.xlsx is attached to this page.             
  2. FAR sends FA Business Analyst an email with the attachment and their approval, and the FA Business Analyst will create the SNOW (Helpdesk) ticket.                    
  3. FA Business Analyst processes the file.                    
  4. After the process is done, FA Business Analyst closes the SNOW ticket, attaches the processed results, and emails the requesting parties invovled notifying it is complete.

Helpful Tips on Filling Out the Template:            

The request should only include the assets that the user wants to update.                    
The upload only allows to update one field at a time in Oracle Assets. 
Multiple templates should be used if there is a need to update multiple fields for an asset, so there is one template for each field.                    
Each tab in the template contains instructions to assist user in filling out the request.           
Be cautious about blank fields in the loads, see column D in the Instructions & Notes tab of the Request Templates.
When sending the file over, please identify the number of assets being update so a compare can be done as a control measure.