Project Information

Account Receivables Strategy Discovery Project Planning

  • Purpose
    • Evaluate the potential for Harvard University to implement External Customer use of the Account Receivables module with  the ability to make payment and collection of receipts using Customer Credit Cards
    • Evaluate how implementing Receivables Strategies could benefit and streamline the Collections effort for the University
    • Evaluate options of how Receivables could be leveraged to integrate Sponsored Grants receivables in order to potentially replace or interface w/ the custom FRAP application
  • This initiative’s timeline is September – October 2015
  • Benefits the Office of Controller’s Central Account Receivables area, various departments and TUBS across the University, and Harvard’s external Customer base being billed by Harvard for goods and services

Workflow & PO Close Cleanup Initiative

  • Purpose
    • Initiative to purge millions of Approval Workflow records for HCOM, Web Reimbursement, CAPS, CSMA, Vendor Request, and several other applications that have open and closed items dating back to 1999
    • Institute new processes to manage open and closed approval workflow records so they are purged on a regular basis to maintain unnecessary buildup of volumes of data for these workflow items in our database tables. Open transactions will  now be maintained for 365 days and then closed, and finally purged following another 30 days
    • Repair several defects in existing custom programs that address closing and purging workflow items to avoid orphan records building up in our database tables
    • Systematically close thousands of purchase orders dating back to 1999 that interfere with the quality reporting on true uncommitted funds for planned purchases
    • Institute new processes to manage the proper closing of open purchase orders in order to avoid the buildup of unnecessary volumes of purchase orders. This will include implementing stronger thresholds for quantity, price, and receiving along with thresholds for invoice matching
    • Repair several defects in existing custom programs that address Closing purchase orders
  • This initiative’s timeline is July – December 2015
  • Benefits the entire procurement user base at the University needing more robust reporting results, and benefits the University Financial Services Account Payables department and Strategic Procurement. This also benefits the well being of the overall Financials Systems health as this leads to better database table storage management which will result in overall performance gains

Travel & Expense Concur System Implementation Wave 1

  • Purpose
    • Implement the Concur Travel & Expense Reimbursement System for the Harvard Business School (HBS) and Graduate School of Education (GSE)
    • Successfully integrate Concur with the Oracle Financials General ledger & Chart of Accounts
    • Begin the planning for the University wide implementation of the Concur T&E system and eventual sun-setting of the custom Web Reimbursement application
  • This initiative’s timeline is August 2015 – April 2016
  • Benefits to HBS and GSE to utilize a best practice SAS model application for Travel and Expense reimbursements. This also benefits the University Financial Services Account Payables department who will be to process employee expense reimbursements in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Finally, this sets the foundation for the entire University to move to the Concur system

Modernization of Financial System Infrastructure

  • Purpose
    • Upgrade the Oracle Financials Database to version 12c in order to be current and supported by Oracle
    • Move Oracle Financials off of the current Solaris servers to the Virtualized Linux servers
    • Apply necessary Patching Functionality to get us to the most current level of the Oracle EBS 12.1.3 version
    • Prepare the Oracle Financials environment to meet SHA-2 security compatibility requirements
    • Research and promote additional underutilized R12.1.3 functionalities to our end user base
    • Institute Oracle EBS Database Archiving
  • This initiative’s timeline is October 2015 – March 2017
  • Benefits the entire University who rely daily upon the Oracle Financials ERP. All of the above work strengthens best practice policies for maintaining a robust financial system that promotes efficient performance and reliability. This also promotes our support relationship with the Oracle Vendor.