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Below you will find links to the existing location of Oracle job aids/ work instructions and related forms. In the future this user resources page will serve as the central location for retrieving documents.

File Feeder Specs & Request Forms

Feeder Request Process Diagram

AP User Interface Specifications

AR Customer Interface File Specification

AR Standard Invoice Interface File Specification

GL Interface Specification

Oracle Financials Data Interface Request Form for GL feeds

Oracle Financials Data Interface Request Form for AP feeds

Oracle Financials Data Interface Request Form for AR feeds

Annual User Review Instructions for File Feeders

Annual Review Email Certification Example

Further info on Feeders can also be found


Fixed Assets Mass Update Tool Request Process & Request Templete:

School submits the request file to for review and approval. Mass Update Tool - Request Templates v1_121418.xlsx is attached to this page.             
FAR sends FA Business Analysis an email with the attachment and their approval, and the Business Analyst will create the SNOW (Helpdesk) Ticket.                    
FA Business Analyst processes the file.                    
After the process is done, FA Business Analyst closes the SNOW ticket, attaches the processed results, and emails the requesting parties invovled that it is completed.                    
Helpful Tips on Filling Out the Template                        
The request should only include the assets that the user wants to update.                    
The upload only allows to update one field at a time in Oracle Assets.  If there is a need to update multiple fields for an asset then it would need to complete the different templates so there is one template for each field.                    
Each template (tab) contains instructions to assist user to fill out the request                    
Be cautious about blank fields in the loads, please see  column D above.                    
When sending the file over, please identify the number of assets being update so a compare can be done as a control measure.

Oracle Job Aids/ Work Instructions

Oracle Forms

Oracle Java Web Start Instructions

Java Web Start Technology

As of FINDINI 4.0.15 the following now applies to Java Web Start:

Firefox version 60.x and greater on the Mac will now allow Oracle Forms to open using Java Web Start Technology as long as the base level of JRE 1.8.0_201 is installed.

Safari 11 browser on the Mac can be used with Java JRE plug-in to open Oracle Forms and now FF60.x or greater can be used with Java Web Start as well:

macOS High Sierra version 10.13.3 or higher
Safari 11 (11.0.3 or higher) using Java Plug-in or Firefox ESR 60.x using Java Web Start (JWS)

Safari 12 and higher used on the Mac, no longer supports Java JRE plug-in, thus Oracle forms will not open using this browser. However, FF60.x or greater can be used with Java Web Start:

macOS Mojave version 10.14.1 or higher
Firefox ESR 60.x using Java Web Start (JWS)

Any Safari browser can be continued to be used for any Web-pages/HTML based modules in Oracle EBS, however, Safari browsers on the Mac are currently incompatible with Java Web Start Technologies.

As of FINDINI 4.0.16 the following now applies to Java Web Start:

New Security Feature related to FireFox, JWS, and Forms:

When using FireFox version 68.x with Oracle Financials Forms & Java Web Start, you will begin to notice an Open Executable File pop up message that will happen each time a user attempts to launch a Form. This message cannot be suppressed. The user will need to click OK in order to launch the needed Form. The message will state: frmservlet.jnlp is an executable file. Executable files may contain viruses or other malicious code that could harm your computer. Use Caution when opening this file. Are you sure you want to launch frmservlet.jnlp?

It is also possible that the users desktop or laptop has never associated the .jnlp file to be opened properly or the user is having issues where the assoication is not working. If this is the case do this (in most cases users already have this due to the Java JRE pushes we have done in the past or what they have updated on their machines):

To launch the Oracle forms perform the following Settings:

Go to Firefox options, scroll  down to Files and Applications section.

Select the JNLP File entry

Under Action, select the Use Other option.

From the Select Helper Application dialog, select JAVA(TM) Web Start Launcher

Associated Files Not Opened Automatically and Blank Tab Left Open - we have not seen this happen in our testing to date

Despite having previously ticked the 'Do this automatically for files like this from now on.' in the Firefox Save/Open pop-up window it continues to open when downloading files. Additionally a blank tab can be left in the browser window after closing the pop-up. This can be seen when downloading files through 'File -> Export' for example.

To fix this issue, install the Firefox add-on "Inline Disposition 2". For JRE Plug-in users this fixes both the Save/Open pop-up window and tab not closing issues.
For JWS users, this fixes the Save/Open pop-up window issue but does not the tab not closing issue. This tab can be closed manually while the possibility of a further fix in this area is investigated.

Future releases of FireFox 68.2 should resolved some of these issues.

New JWS Feature to allow multi instance usage of Oracle Financial Forms via Java Web Start:

In order to take advantage of allowing multiple instance usage of Oracle Financial Forms via Java Web Start, users will need to install Java JRE 1.8.0_181 at minimum, or just install JAVA JRE 1.8.0_221 to their desktop. Users will need to open one session in one type of browser, and the second session in another type of browser. For example, if a user wants to be searching a GL entry and has a need to compare that GL entry to another, and would like to do so and display both at the same time, then one session could be open with FireFox, and the other session would need to be open with Internet Explorer. Finally, users, once logged in, will need to go to the Oracle Home Page, navigate to Preferences, and select Always Launch New Forms Session TIP Select this check box to launch Forms in a new Forms session when using Java Web Start. This is a onetime setting.

As of FINDINI 4.0.17 a new Security enhancement to the Oracle EBS Financials Harvard Key integration will require users to clear their browser cookies upon first use following this release. This is a one time requirement to successfully login. Instructions can be found below:

Clearing Cookies for Google Chrome

Clearing Cookies for FireFox

Clearing Cookies for Internet Explorer